Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Young black boy and white boy smiling at each other

DEI Statement: Detroit Country Day School believes diversity, equity, and inclusion are educational imperatives for the intellectual, social, and moral growth of every child. We honor the dignity of every human being and value the differences that exist and are expressed throughout our vibrant school. Members of our community are treated fairly and provided access to genuine opportunities to thrive. Our commitment is to nurturing an inclusive environment in which all students can participate fully and have a sense of belonging. Diversity, equity, and inclusion enrich learning and are essential characteristics of our school community. 


The wide range of human differences used to describe individual and group identities. These differences may or may not be visible and quantifiable.
~Adapted from The NAIS AIM Users Guide and Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology


Ensuring that all community members have access to what they need to fully participate in school life and reach their full potential.
~ Adapted from No More Failures: Ten Steps to Equity in Education by S. Field, M. Kuczera and B. Pont.


Being inclusive means creating an environment in which every person feels accepted, safe, supported, and affirmed.
~ Adapted from NAIS AIM Users Guide.


Work of the DEI Team


In Progress

  • Analysis and evaluation of cultural artifacts and curriculum
  • Communicating the scope and goals of DEI work to DCDS stakeholders
  • Coordinating opportunities for training and professional development
  • Reviewing research-based best practices to address specific weaknesses

Looking Ahead

  • Implementation of best practices:
    •Educate concerning unconscious bias •Build cultural competence
  • Analyze data from the Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM) report from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to further the SWOT analysis and facilitate strategic planning
  • Begin the formal goal-setting and action planning process
  • Implementation of research-based action plans to achieve strategic goals

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