Throughout Detroit Country Day School, students learn in an atmosphere that promotes self-confidence and self-esteem, allowing them to become independent learners and thinkers, well prepared for secondary school. Our goal is to develop and nurture the entire child. This involves activities that stretch well beyond the classroom. Every environment—from the playing field to the library—helps to enrich each student's life. Their educational experiences, whether in the classroom, out on the playing fields, or on the stage, should always push them to their full potential.

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Advisory Program

Middle School - The advisor/advisee fosters student inclusion, advocacy, and holistic well-being. Advisory groups are created before the start of school based on input from the teachers and student-peer history. Advisories meet regularly during the week. Meetings may be spent on formal programming, social or service activities. The advisor acts as a mentor and is a communication link between the home and school. The advisory program and responsibilities of an advisor are a high priority for DCDS faculty. The advisory program provides a supportive group for the student and an opportunity for individual growth and teamwork. 

Upper School - Strong personal relationships are developed through the advisory program and co-curricular participation. Using The Portrait of a Detroit Country Day Student as a framework, topics important to character development are a part of casual and structured conversations during advisory. Teams, whether athletic, activity (i.e., Robotics, Destination Imagination, Quiz Bowl), or performance (i.e., theatre production, musical ensemble, forensics) encourage students to accept and support one another and to take responsibility for their part in team endeavors.

Character Development

A Commitment to Character

The Portrait of a Detroit Country Day School student helps to guide and commit all members of the School community to their role in creating a caring and ethical environment in which moral principles are upheld, and each individual is valued and respected. The excellence that is inherent in the school's mission statement and the Portrait extends to all aspects of the community, including high standards for honorable behavior. Each of the three schools maintains the expectation of good character that is age-appropriate. Adults accept their responsibility as role models of ethical conduct in all areas of the school.

While maintaining the underlying aspirational thread of the Portrait, other ongoing programs around Character Education include but are not limited to:

  • The House Program (Lower School)
  • Our House Program and Honor Covenant (Middle School)
  • Advisories, Honor Council, Disciplinary Review Board, Student Council, and Class Board offer special events, discussions, and programming around character development (Upper School) 

Health, Wellness, & Support

DCDS strives to provide an environment that aligns itself with our motto mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a sound body). We provide a variety of support services at each campus to help address health, social and emotional wellness, and learning support needs. More information can be found on our Student Support page.  

PM and Clubs

Lower School - Students have the opportunity to explore artistic, academic, athletic, and social interests beyond the educational school day during the PM Enrichment Program. Each program taught by a DCDS Lower School faculty member meets one day a week for an hour. Past offerings have included art, board games, cooking, sports, drawing and cartooning, and science to name but a few.
Middle School and Upper School - The club program is designed to offer socialization as well as allow students to explore interests and discover passions. Students may select from among a variety of competitive, academic, athletic, artistic, hobby, performance, and service options. Each school offers more than 50 clubs each school year. Upper School students are required for graduation to participate in at least one club (gold point) per semester. For some clubs participation in local, regional, and national competitions may be required. See current list of club offerings. 

Service and Leadership

Lower School - Our youngest students receive lessons which encourage students to become creative, empathetic, responsible, and independent thinkers. From becoming a line leader to leading the pledge, our students increase their self-esteem and build confidence in their ability to lead. In upper elementary grades, the opportunities to lead and take part in meaningful activities increases. The House Program plays a significant role in advancing upper elementary students' leadership abilities and is entirely run by the students. Older students serve as House captains and co-captains, leading their peers through service projects within the school and community.

Middle School - Middle School curriculum is enhanced through interdisciplinary units and offers students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of personal interests through the many leadership opportunities available such as Class Board, Student Council, Community Leadership Club, School Open House Ambassadors, Athletic Team Captain, and leadership positions in band, choir, and orchestra. Each grade also participates in at least two service learning days a year in which students help out at a food bank, a senior citizen's home, or a disadvantaged school.

Upper School - Extending the educational process beyond academics by supplementing with leadership activities is an important component of the Upper School experience that encourages development of moral responsibilities and self-discipline.  Students are encouraged to participate in leadership activities that will provide them with the proper skills to handle meaningful responsibility and the realization of their full potential. 

Student Publications

The publication clubs offer an outlet to be creative while providing information and entertainment to the DCDS student community. They also provide insight to the experiences and activities of our high school students. Many of the publications below have won prestigious awards over the years and remain some of our most popular club activities. Each publication can be read online by clicking on the image. The yearbook club is another publication many students enjoy participating in but due to its size an online version has not been published.  Click the images below to view the Flipdoc publication.

Day Times - Upper School newspaper

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April 2019
cover of Day Times February 2019
February 2019
cover of Day Times
December 2018

Spectrum - Upper School literary magazine

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Eyeline - Upper School visual arts magazine

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Our alumni, more than 7,000 strong, live across the country and around the world, and are leaders in industry, medicine, government, and humanitarian causes. They carry lessons the lessons they learn at Detroit Country Day School into adulthood, and often look back on their years here as among the most rewarding of their lives. 

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