DCDS School of Film Presents the Silver Point Film Program

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DCDS School of Film Presents the Silver Point Film Program

The Silver Point Film Program in the Upper School typically produces one feature film approximately 50 minutes in length. For the past two seasons, due to the Pandemic, they have produced a series of shorts. This provided them the freedom to shift between projects as students got ill or went into quarantine due to exposure. You may view the films using the link below. Total viewing time is 45 minutes.


This season, the program produced 5 shorts:

Pentagon of Popularity (Comedy)- A Zoom based reality game show, written by William Beachum & directed by William, Bella Bandol, & Katie Rinke.

A Night... (Drama) - A look at what virtual prom might be, starring Lauren Mocur, directed by Sia Pradhan, Katie Rinke, Bella Bandol, and William Simasko.

Whine & Dine (Comedy) - Two friends, played by William Simasko and Arya Chalasani, return to their favorite pizza joint after restaurants re-open only to be frustrated by the hostess, Sarah Galle, written by William Simasko, directed by Brandon Alshab, Nicole Pasto, & William Beachum.

Black Lives Matter, Always (Drama) - A girl and her friend, played by Mahogany Leonard and Kennedy Enge, struggle with feeling like the BLM movement has been forgotten already, written by Bella Bandol and directed by Bella, Sia Pradhan, & Brandon Alshab.

NEXT (Psychological Thriller) - A young man, played by Arya Chalasani, wakes up in a strange place with no memory and no hope--two other survivors, Lauren Mocur and Sarah Galle, try to help but..., directed by Sia Pradhan, Bella Bandol, Nicole Pasto, & Brandon Alshab.

Cast members include:

Lauren Mocur, Arya Chala, Sarah Galle, Mahogany Leonard, and crew members as extras

Crew members include:

Directing Dept-Katie Rinke, Brandon Alshab, Bella Badol, Sia Pradhan, William Beachum, & William Simasko

Camera Dept-Matt Jenkins, Nicole Pasto, Daniel Kiarash, & Andrew Weir

Sound Dept-Jack Dimon & Leo Das

Art Dept-Kennedy Enge

Makeup-Riley McAlpine

Camera Monitors-Alex Kollin

The Silver Point Film Program will return to feature films next year, with two seasons--the fall and the winter.