Grade 1 Passport to World Adventure

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Grade 1 Passport to World Adventure
Seeing the doors of the world open up to six and seven-year-olds is an amazing experience. First Graders are open-minded and have a natural interest and endless questions about the world around them. Passport to World Adventure is a cross-curricular program that highlights the broad spectrum of people, places, and cultures of the world. By studying the continents around the globe, the children learn about the beautiful diversity and shared similarities of all living things on our planet.
The program looked a little different this year, but the first-grade classes were still able to complete this multi-disciplinary project through the creativity and hard work of the children and the first-grade Passport team: Mrs. Bernacchi, Mrs. Gallant, and Mrs. Tiano. Also, critical to implementing the program were Mrs. Hinks (L/S librarian), Ms. Page (L/S music), Mr. Hughes (L/S gym), and Mr. Salamin (video expert.)
DCDS first graders spent three months learning about animals, people, and places on the seven continents and in the five oceans. Each child chose a topic of interest and thought of three questions about that topic. In class, in-person and remote students researched to find the answers to their questions and then created a presentation board complete with facts, photos, and original art. Each first grader was recorded as they shared their presentation board. The children learned dances from each continent during gym class and songs from around the world in music class. The Passport to World Adventure program is the culminating activity for this unit and was a video performance this year. The first graders came together in costumes from around the globe to sing, dance, and share their knowledge of our wonderful world! 

Watch the video from this year

DCDS 1st Grade Passport to World Adventure '21 from DCDS School of Film: B. Salamin on Vimeo.

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