Parents' Associations

Our parents are active at DCDS!

Four women on USPA executive board
Picture of US moms on USPA

Lower School Parents' Association
President: Alexis Kiriluk
Vice President: Lindsay El-Yussif
Secretary: Heidi Cooper
Treasurer: Emilie Fitch

Middle School Parents' Association
Co-Presidents: Nita Aquilina 
Vice President: Cathleen Tice
Secretary: Jennifer Burdette
Treasurer: Leah MacMartin

Upper School Parents' Association
President: Laurece Abraham
Vice President: Alexandra Upton
Secretary: Adrienne Zarghami
Treasurer: Jessica Ross

Blue & Gold Club
President: Dan Cornwell
Secretary: Don Nystrom
Treasurer: Sean Metrose
Golf Chair: Marc Pachla

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Earning 4 Learning
Co-President: Alexandra Upton and Adrienne Zarghami
Vice President: Carolyn Kidney
Secretary: Melissa Parambo
Treasurer: Dorothy Hennessy

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Friends of the Arts
President: Angela Spencer
Vice President: Ami Antonucci
Secretary: Julie Sosa
Treasurer: Mary Sadler

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