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Global Scholars Program

What is the DCDS Global Scholars Program?

This program is designed to give students an additional option to build global competency by exploring topics such as world languages, world cultures, and global issues with more depth, complexity, and coherence. Students will explore these topics through classroom study, online seminars, and experiential learning opportunities.

What is the mission of the program?

The mission of the Global Scholars Program (GSP) is to inspire students to become well-equipped leaders and productive world citizens by developing an appreciation, understanding, and knowledge of our global community.

What are the academic and activity requirements?

Students will be required to choose from classes that have a global perspective and to participate in activities emphasizing global studies/issues. Upon completion of course and activity requirements, students will qualify for a Global Scholars Designation or a Global Scholars Designation with Distinction at graduation, indicating their completion and mastery of all program objectives and requirements.

English (3 of 4 credits)

9th grade English (honors or non-honors)

11th and 12th grade - 2 electives with global perspectives

  • EN313/EN313H:World Lit/World Lit AP/IB
  • EN343: Humanities
  • EN373: American Diversity/American Identity
  • EN383: Contemporary Multicultural Voices
  • EN533H: Success and Prosperity: East Asian Literature
  • EN563H: Women's Literature: Her Story in History
  • EN583H: Introduction to Theory of Knowledge

NB: Electives may vary year-to-year depending on student demand and teacher availability.

World Languages

Option 1: 1st language through level 4/5 (honors or non-honors) AND one academic year of study of a 2nd language (honors or non-honors)

Option 2: 1st language through level 4/5 (honors or non-honors) and two consecutive years of study of a 2nd (honors or non-honors)*

*This will qualify the student to receive a GSP Diploma with Distinction

Science (3 credits)

Biology at any level

Physical science (chemistry or physics at any level)

AP Environmental Science OR the sequence of these paired classes*:

  • BY423H Biology AP/IB & BY443H Psychology AP/IB
  • CH323H Organic Chemistry IB & CH423H Chemistry AP/IB
  • PH313H Physics IB & PH423H Physics AP/IB

*Taking these paired classes may lead to the acquisition of an IB certificate if the student chooses to sit for the IB exams.

NB: Students may take additional science classes as well. Participation in global competitions or doing science fair projects with a global emphasis or them is encouraged. This will help students to complete their GSP.

History (3.5 or 4 credits)

9th grade history (honors or non-honors)

10th grade Modern World History (honors or non-honors) OR AP European History

11th/12th grade students may take 1.5 or 2 classes in order to satisfy the GSP requirement:

  • HS33H: History of the Americas IB
  • HS343: 20th Century American Foreign Policy
  • HS463H: Contemporary World History IB
  • HS491: 20th Century Asia (semester class)
  • HS492: 21st Century Global Issues (semester class)

NB: AP Art History may also be taken, but it may not be a substitute for a graduation-required history class.

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