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Senior Project - Beyond Pacific


Day 15 in Seoul

We slept in until pretty late today since we had nothing but one thing planned for the day: attending the Dream Station concert. The Dream Station concert, promoted by Pepsi, was held at Nanji Hangang Park, which was about 30 minutes away from our house. While the concert continued from 2 to 8, we only knew a few singers who were participating in the concert at a later time, so we went there around 5 o’ clock.

On our way, we bought some drinks and fried and roasted chicken to eat at the park, a common way to enjoy picnics in Korea. We could have ordered a chicken delivery instead, since almost every chicken store offers delivery service in Seoul, but we were concerned that it would be difficult to pick up from the delivery guy in such a crowded place. We had to abandon the bus we were waiting in line for, because it was filled up before our turn. Even in the taxi, there were so many cars on the road that it took us way longer to get to our destination than the usual time.

We could not bring our food into the concert, unfortunately, so we ate up our food before entering. It really felt like a usual picnic: we sat on the field in the shade and shared drinks and chicken peacefully. We had a great time, and we could even hear the music from the concert just meters away.

(Picnic at Nanji Hangang Park)

We finally entered the concert after 30 minutes. Although we didn’t know any songs the DJ was playing, we could still feel and absorb the excitement because so many people around us were shouting and dancing. And when those K-pop stars we knew finally came on stage, it was so much fun to see them performing the songs we could finally sing along with. The singers included Red Velvet, NCT 127, and Hyuna, all of whom are popular K-pop “idols" not only in Korea, but also in Asia and around the world.

(Rev Velvet)


The crowd actually became pretty dangerous when Hyuna’s turn came, because all the people in the back just pushed people in the front, and we almost fell on the ground and were stepped on multiple times. It was miraculous how we all stayed together the whole time. Hyuna, however, never disappoints the audience: her performance was so dazzling that I quickly forgot about all the pushing and shoving.

(View of Hangang from the bus ride to home)

After the concert, we headed back to our house in Banpo via subway and had dinner nearby at a local restaurant, known for its homemade tofu meals. The food was absolutely tasty. Then we went grocery shopping at Kim's Club, and despite it being 10 PM, the market was crowded with families. I've been to the market many times, but that was the busiest I've ever seen. As you can imagine, Seoul is very lively even at late night, and we enjoyed our shopping in such an environment.

(Kim's Club)

(View of our apartment)

Posted by on Sunday May, 28, 2017

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