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Senior Project - Beyond Pacific


Day 12 in Seoul

In the morning, we ate some left over Bossam from last night in addition to some delicious Bulgogi prepared by Kayla’s mom.

After breakfast, Kayla left to apply for a Chinese visa for our trip to Shanghai and Beijing. Meanwhile, I planned to meet a friend I met from a summer camp a year before. It was my first time navigating a foreign country by myself, even though I barely knew any Korean. I left the house with the Subway app on my iPhone for the city of Seoul to help me navigate the underground commuting system. Compared to the Japanese subway system, the Korean subway system is unquestionably more convenient and easier to navigate. In Japan, the subway metro is run by local governments as well as private companies, and the subway lines are indicated by specific names. In Korea, however, the metro system is more unified and simplified. Also, the subway lines are easily identified by numbers, making underground commuting a more straightforward task.

I met my friend at Garosu-gil, a popular shopping area in the Gangnam district in Seoul. The place is lined with fashion boutiques and Korean cosmetic stores. Korean cosmetics are immensely popular among East Asian countries, so Garosu-gil is an ideal spot for foreigners to do their shopping. I, myself, bought a couple of products to try out.


(A healthy salad at Bat Farmers in Garosul-Gil)

(The Line Friend Store, dedicated to the Korean brand Line and its cartoon characters)

Meanwhile, Kayla met up with her old friend and experienced a bit of Korean university, which she will talk about more in her next blog post. 

For dinner, Kayla and I reunited at a restaurant at Kobe Gyukatsu, where they specifically serve Kobe-style beef cutlets. Ironically, Gyukatsu is a Japanese dish that we were supposed to try out in Japan, but we never got a chance to. Instead, we decided to make up with for it in Korea. Although it was a Japanese dish, the taste was certainly influenced by Korean taste buds. Despite that the dish was more of a fusion between the two cuisines, it was delicious nonetheless.



We strolled around Gangnam Station and enjoyed the night view of the city streets after dinner. It sure is a lively city at night, with the shops and stores blazing with electronic nights and billboards flashing with advertisements. We stopped by a store for Bingsu, Korean shaved ice with sweet topping. It is a popular dessert in Korea, and it was my first time trying out the dessert in the country of its origin. Traditionally, the sweet topping was red bean paste. Today, however, the varieties are endless. We chose a strawberry and cheesecake topping, as neither Kayla nor I enjoyed red bean paste very much. It was the perfect way to end the night!


(Gangnam at night)


(Strawberry Bingsu)

Posted by on Thursday May, 25, 2017

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