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Senior Project - Beyond Pacific


Day 11 in Seoul

Today was our first day in Seoul, Korea. It was definitely more of an easy transition to move in since we actually had a house in Seoul, my hometown. We arrived in Incheon Airport around 2:30 and bought some snacks from a convenient store and Daewang Castella store at the airport to eat in the bus on our way home. It was my first time coming back home since last summer and first time ever for Amy to visit South Korea, so we were both excited.

(View from the Incheon Airport, Korea)

When we arrived near our home, my mom greeted us and took us to our house. I haven’t seen our new house yet (they moved to the new house last winter so I haven’t got a chance to visit before) and it was really nice to finally settle in where I will stay for a long time.

Both my sister and dad were working until 7-8 pm, so we had dinner on our own at home. My mom prepared bossam, a Korean pork dish, with various side dishes, which we absolutely loved. In Korea, it is common to have rice as staple and other food as side dishes, or banchan, and eat the banchan along with rice for all three meals per day. Unlike Western meals, it is also not uncommon to have a full breakfast that you would normally have for dinner in America, such as barbecue and ramyeon.

(Homemade bossam and side dishes)

After dinner, we realized the charger voltage of our electronic devices don't match that of the power outlets in Korea; Korea uses 220V while all our devices from America use 110V. We had to go through an underground market to buy an outlet converter to charge our laptop and phone at night. Although it wasn’t planned, the short trip to the underground market showed how lively and clean the place was, even in the evening, and we knew that we would return there to buy quality stuff at reasonable prices.

We didn’t do much things today due to the flight, but it was a great day to transition from a country to another. 

Posted by on Wednesday May, 24, 2017

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