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Bring Your Own Device

We are proud to announce our new “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) program.

This program utilizes a virtual desktop to provide greater freedom of choice for students and families, give greater accessibility to DCDS email and file storage, and effectively transform a wide variety of devices into tools used to facilitate student learning.

Recommended Devices

The school requires the device have at least a 7" screen and include a keyboard (either touch screen or physical).  The device must also be compatible with VMware View (all Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices are compatible).

Under the Frequently Asked Questions section below, you will find answers to which devices are compatible.

DIY Setup Instructions

If you already have a compatible computing device, setup is very simple.

Step 1: Install the appropriate VMware Horizon View Client for your operating system.

Download VMware Horizon View Clients

For help with Ubuntu Linux, Chromebooks, and Kindle Fire, please contact IT Support

Step 2: Configure the Client

Set the Connection Server to:

Login with your DCDS username and password


Help Desk

As always, Detroit Country Day School's IT Support is happy to provide assistance.

For Technical Support for all systems, including computers, phones, educational technology, network outages, senior systems and My BackPack, please contact us at:

To Reach us by Phone, please call: (248) 430-3744

We are staffed from 7:30am to 4:00pm workdays. If you leave a voicemail message, a service ticket will be generated.


Frequently Asked Questions

If a student already owns a device, do they need a new one?

No, as long as the device is functioning properly and is able to meet the minimum hardware requirements, a student may use a device that he/she already owns.

What kind of devices can I use?

Any Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android OS device with at least a 7" screen is supported. Ubuntu Linux and Kindle Fire work with limited functionality.

Other devices, such as the Chromebook, access the system via HTML5 compliant browser.  Sound is not available using this method, and video performance is slightly degraded.

Do I need to purchase any software?

No additional software applications are required.

Can I access my Virtual Desktop outside of school?

The virtual desktop can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

What network access will students have with their own devices?

Students will have access to internal school resources from their devices only. This includes access to email, My Backpack and their Virtual Desktop. All internet access is controlled and accessed through the virtual desktop.

Are students still bound by the Acceptable Use Policy if they bring their own device to school?

Yes. The same policies and guidelines apply to personal computing devices as to school provided public computing stations.

Are smart phones considered personal computing devices?

Yes, however they may not be used as the student's primary computing device.

Can I use a personal hotspot or tether my phone to my computer to obtain full internet access while on campus?

If you bring a device with 3G/4G wireless access, you are still bound by the acceptable use policy, but you can use that network if you prefer.

Will any personal information on my personal computing device be accessed by the school or others?

School staff will not have the ability to remotely access the contents of any personal computing device. We highly recommend all students protect their devices by creating a password, as well as installing anti-virus software whenever possible.

How will data be stored? Will there be any protection against lost files?

All data contained in the virtual desktop is stored on highly redundant servers and storage managed by the school. Frequent and multiple backups are performed in order to restore data in the event data is lost.

As these are personal devices, what would prevent a student from sharing inappropriate content contained on their personal devices?

Unfortunately, these problems are not new to schools. The medium is changing from print to electronic, but the behavior is the same. These issues would be addressed through the standard disciplinary protocol of the school.

What should I do if my device is not functioning correctly?

We recommend you purchase an extended warranty for the device at the time of purchase. Malfunctioning computing devices should be brought to the Help Desk, where an initial diagnosis will be performed. If the problem can be easily fixed within 15 minutes, the technician will do so. If not, students will be provided with a loaner, and it is up to the student to have the device repaired as soon as possible. We will attempt to facilitate the repair if possible. Students will need to return loaners within two weeks.

How will students be kept from engaging in inappropriate use of personal computing devices?

We have high expectations for honorable behavior within our community. Our teachers are among the most engaging and gifted professional educators in the field. The workload for students is significant. Off-task behavior of any kind is often self-correcting.

The teacher can also, of course, tell students at any time to "close your device" to be sure the potential distraction is not available.

What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of laptops, tablets and Chromebooks?

Laptops (Windows and Macintosh Laptops)
• Have been on the market for quite some time
• Content creation (writing, creating multimedia, etc.)
• Have a longer lifespan (3-4 years with good care)
• Work well with older software programs, flash sites, Java sites, etc.

• Tend to be larger, heavier and less portable
• Battery life isn’t as good as tablets/Chromebooks
• Not as effective for extended reading
• Require more maintenance

Tablets (iPad and Google Nexus)
• Lightweight and portable
• Excellent for reading
• Excellent battery life
• Fast start up

• Short lifespan. Will need to be replaced after 2-3 years.
• Not as effective for content creation
• Keyboard and other accessories add to total cost and bulk
• Will not run flash, Java and Windows/Mac applications (outside of the virtual environment)

• Lightweight and portable
• Excellent battery life
• Fast start up
• Inexpensive

• Shorter lifespan. Will need to be replaced after 2-3 years.
• Integrated keyboard facilitates content creation
• Not as effective for extended reading
• Requires Internet connection for most applications to run (word processing and Gmail work without an Internet connection).

How do I download the Advantage (My Backpack) mobile app?

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