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Former Trustees

We wish to recognize and thank our former trustees for sharing their time, knowledge, and effort on behalf of our school.  Their leadership and guidance have contributed greatly to the educational excellence and achievement opportunities we provide the students and alumni of Detroit Country Day School.

Mr. James A. Aliber
Mr. Jay A. Alix
Mr. William Bagley, III 
Mr. Steven A. Ballmer
Mr. Oscar L. Bard        
Mr. James E. Barlett
Mr. William M. Borgman, Jr.
Mr. Paul Borman
Mr. Eugene Bosart, III
Mr. Basil M. Briggs
Mr. Walter O. Briggs, Jr.
Mr. G. Cameron Buchanan
Mr. Anthony C. Buesser, Sr.
Mr. Frederick G. Buesser, Jr.
Mr. William R. Buesser, Sr.
Mr. Richard W. Burgis
Mr. Paul J. Conway
Mrs. Susan E. Cooper ♦
Dr. George R. Cooke
Mr. Thomas W. Cunnington
Dr. Keith L. Curtis
Mr. Roger E. Davis
Mr. Don B. Dean
Mr. Charles Donnelly
Mr. Joe Dumars
Mr. George C. Edwards
Reverend Richard S. Emrich
Mr. L. Stanford Evans
Dr. Riad N. Farah
Mr. Charles T. Fisher, Jr.
Mr. Phillip Wm. Fisher
Mrs. Frederick B. Fisk
Mr. A.P. Fontaine
Mr. Randolph J. Friedman
Mr. James K. Fulks
Dr. L.J. Gariepy
Mr. Edwin O. George
Mr. William Gershenson
Dr. Gary G. Gilyard
Mr. H. Samuel Greenawalt
Mr. Joseph E. Godfrey
Mr. Irving Goldberg
Mr. Tom Goldberg
Mr. Daniel Goodenough
Mr. Luman Goodenough
Dr. Clayton H. Gordon ♦
Mr. F. Q. Goudie
Mr. John C. Grant
Mrs. Leslie H. Green
Mr. Robert M. Green
Mr. H. Samuel Greenawalt
Mr. Edgar A. Guest, Jr.
Mrs. Fawzia Guindi
Mrs. Dannielle C. Hamilton
Mr. John D. Hegarty, Jr.
Mr. James A. Heller 
Mr. Clifford H. Higgins, Sr.
Dr. Edward J. Hill
Mr. William E. Hoglund
Dr. Willard S. Holt
Mr. Oscar Hull
Dr. Joseph M. Jacobson
Mrs. Darlene Jackson
Mr. Frank Joyce
Mr. John S. Judd
Mrs. Joan Keller
Mr. A.B. Knight
Mr. Theodore F. Knight
Mr. C. Michael Kojaian
Mr. Stanley S. Kresge
Dr. George M. Laning
Mr. Sylvester F. Leahy
Mr. Ronald W. Lech
Mrs. Charles E. Letts
Mr. Nelson Liebold
Dr. Oliver P. Marcotte

Mr. William A. Mayberry
Mr. H. A. McDonald, Jr.
Mr. Shrikant C. Mehta
Mr. Richard W. Moore
Mr. Lester J. Morris
Mrs. Barbara Mrkonic
Mrs. Susan M. Murphy
Mr. Don Nystrom '88
Mr. Richard D. O'Connor
Mr. George A. Odien
Reverend Herman Page
Mr. Thomas T. Restrick, Sr.
Dr. Richard A. Schlegel
Mrs. Nancy S. Sellers
Mr. H.H. Serris
Mrs. Cynthia H. Shannon
Mr. F. Alden Shaw
Mr. Ronald M. Shmyr
Mr. Robert J. Skandalaris
Dr. John H. Smith, Sr.
Mr. Kurt Smith
Mr. Robert C. Stempel
Mr. Howard Stephens
Mr. Paul Stern
Mr. James M. Tenney
Dr. D. Eugene Thompson
Mr. John B. Thorson
Mr. David Trott
Mr. Robert C. Vanderkloot
Mr. Rajendra B. Vattikuti
Mr. G. Richard Wagoner, Jr.
Mr. Jervis C. Webb
Mr. Kenneth Whipple ♦
Mr. Kirby B. White
Mrs. Joan Winston
Mr. James O. Wright

♦ Trustee Emeritus

Preschool 3 & 4
3003 West Maple Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
Phone: 248.430.2887
Grades K-2
3600 Bradway Boulevard
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
Phone: 248.430.2740 
Grades 3-8
22400 Hillview Lane
Beverly Hills, MI 48025
Phone: 248.430.3566/1677
Grades 9-12
22305 West 13 Mile Road
Beverly Hills, MI 48025
Phone: 248.646.7717

Detroit Country Day School is a private, independent, co-educational, non-denominational, preschool through grade 12 college preparatory school focused on a well-rounded liberal arts education. Emphasis on academics, arts, athletics, and character development is prevalent across the curriculum. The school admits students of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students in the school. 

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