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As we build our resources to meet the needs of our students and alumni, please consider becoming part of our career resource directory. We will use this information to assist our students and alumni with senior projects, internships and network development. This information will only be shared with our DCDS community. 


We hope you will add your information to our directory. Please help us to make this a robust resource by sharing this with your own networks- both DCDS alumni and friends of DCDS are welcome.

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More information on Senior Project (2 options *new this year)

Senior Project Rotational Experience- new in 2023

DCDS is rolling out a new way for seniors to engage in senior project and have the opportunity to engage in a rotational career and skill building experience. We would love your help to make this a high quality experience for our students. This is perfect for someone who would like to be part of senior project but is not local and/or only would have a few hours to dedicate or does not want to host a full project. 

Tentative Schedule (subject to change) 

Week 1: Students set up four in person or virtual informational interviews, come up with questions and lead the interview (1 hour max of your time- outside of any travel or scheduling)

Week 2: Students hear from career based panels (2 hour max of your time) 

Week 3: Students participate in local job shadows (1.5-2 hours max of your time)

Week 4: Students participate in skill based learning like personal finance, navigating a college campus  and interview skills


Traditional Senior Project Sponsors

DCDS Senior Project is a four-week program intended to give our graduating seniors an introduction to professional life. A good senior project experience will provide the student with a glimpse into the expectations employers have for their employees, the rhythm and pace of a typical workday, and some of the duties an entry level employee in your field might be tasked with. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing to sponsor a DCDS senior project:

  • Think of senior project as an internship. Try to have the student participate in your business in a meaningful way. There may certainly be some menial tasks associated with the project, but the most rewarding projects (for the student and the employer) will allow the student to at least see “how the sausage is made.” Ideally though, a student will have a chance to play a role (however small) in accomplishing tasks important to your company’s core business.

  • If you do not know the student seeking to work with you on project, have a conversation with them about why they are interested in your field, any relevant knowledge or experience they have, and their understanding of the importance of punctuality, appropriate workplace conduct and deportment.

  • Detroit Country Day School does not require a detailed calendar from the project sponsor, but it would benefit students to have a clear sense of their responsibilities during project. This could range from a detailed calendar showing each day’s activities, to a simple list of duties that might be carried out each day.