Core Courses

Six specified subjects as defined by the sanctioning body of the IB Programme will be studied over two years. Three of the subject areas must be at an advanced level, the other subjects can be at the standard level. Theory of Knowledge is part of the curriculum for all IB candidates.

Subject Areas

  • Studies in Language and Literature (English Department)
  • Language Acquisition (Foreign Language Department)
  • Individual and Societies (History Department)
  • Sciences (Science Department)
  • Mathematics (Math Department)
  • The Arts (substitutions can be made for additional courses in above categories or take ab initio foreign language, two years of beginning language study)


Creativity, Action, Service

Students regularly participate in community service and journal about their experiences.


Contributions to Global Studies Field

Students write an extended essay on a topic of their choice from their specific discipline.


IB Diploma

An IB diploma is a widely recognized and respected degree. It can translate to college credits depending on the university and the higher level scores.