Detroit Country Day School arts Conservatory annual celebration of the arts
The Detroit Country Day School Arts Conservatory puts a clear focus on building artistic capabilities for students seeking a career in the fine and performing arts. The rigors of advanced study and practice in their chosen discipline, mentored by faculty artists and counseled on higher education options promote students for entrance to the nation's most prestigious art schools, music conservatories, and theatre programs.
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celebrate the arts
virtual celebration of the fine and performing arts
Celebrate the Arts has been a yearly school-wide celebration of all the visual arts, performing arts, and communications arts programs for over 25 years. We were very saddened to cancel the celebration last spring due to the pandemic. This year, determined to showcase our talented students, we present a reimagined Celebrate the Arts. We hope you will explore and enjoy our students' various artwork, performances, and creativity on showcased on this site.

We encourage free discourse and dialog by our students in all their forms of art. As a school we do not censure our students creativity.
visual arts // SENIOR SHOWCASE



Upcoming PERFORMING arts Events
May 28: U/S Family Film Festival 7pm
June 4: U/S Spring Silver Point Film Premiere 7 pm


Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world, offering the opportunity to purchase gift items with your child's art displayed on it. Middle and Lower School students have an account with artwork uploaded by DCDS art teachers. Parents must become a registered member to participate. Artsonia will donate 20% of every purchase to E4L.
This collaboration project was inspired by the Detroit Country Day Lower School community. Our monthly character education program helps the children recognize how we are all linked together. Each me is a part of the we. Preschool age children through third grade created individual portraits. Faculty as well as support staff were encouraged to join the fun as well! We need everyone!
performing arts // SENIOR SHOWCASE
Upcoming Music Events
May 13: Honors Symphonic Orchestra 7 pm
May 17: MU/S Bands 6:30 pm
May 18: LMU/S Orchestras 6:30 pm
May 20 - 23: U/S Spring Theatre Performance "Relativity" 7pm on Thursday-Saturday, 2pm on Sunday
May 25: Jacket Big Band 7 pm
May 27: MU/S Choirs 7 pm
May 29: MU/S Dance 6 pm
2020 / 2021 events
DCDS arts
conservatory graduates
Taylor Aibana
Jenna Al-Nouri
Sophia Arabo
Henry Ashcraft
Kendall Belanger
Jack Berenbaum
Lila Bienhold
Maria Cassel
Austin Clark
Julia Cornwell
Tejas Desai
Sophie Dougherty
Sara Elyas
Skylar Farah
Julia Fliegner
Jonathon Fowkes
Luke Jacobson
Jordan John
Michael Jonna
Emile Klakulak
Eric Liu
Joseph Miller
Eva Niederhofer
Joseph Nona
Halen Nystrom
Luke Parambo
Pratha Rattan
Jonah Rifkin
Olivia Sappington
Ellie Sarda
Mara Sclabassi
Jenna Scott
Connor Sims
Angelina Singh
Eli Stanton
Anna Stockreef
Ania Uzieblo
Nick Wachol
Elena Wu
Jacob Yarberry
Eva Niederhofer
Charlie Bossert
Maria Cassel
Maddie Coopes
Dwight Ellis
Gianna Gallette
Victoria He
Emily Luft
Katherine Rinke
Jack Tynan
Alyssa Underwood
Sarina Yu
Maria Cheriyan
Avi Desai
Courtney Engle
Santiago Uribe Guiza
Rachel (Se Yeon) Jeong
Justin Lo
King Machain
Max Morgan
Sophia Sutter
Trey Timban
Jeonghae Won
Courtney Engle
Grey Redman
Vishal Sharma
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