Friends Of The Arts

The general purposes and objectives of Friends of the Arts are to support and promote the Fine and Performing Arts curriculum, activities and programs of the students attending Detroit Country Day School, and to encourage the continued development and growth of nationally recognized programs.  The Friends of the Arts Association encourages support of endeavors and programs through active annual membership by parents, friends, alumni, employees and students, and additional contributions.


Signature Events


2018 - 2019 Membership

Membership as of 4/25/2019

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Life Members

Dr. and Mrs. Todd Aho
Mr. Leslie Alexander, II
Ms. Taylor M. Alexander
Mr. Jay A. Alix
Mr. Craig Beyrand
     and Dr. Marie Delewsky
Drs. Devindergil Bhangu
     and Raminder Rai
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Boos
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Bourget
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brodie
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cherney
Dr. and Mrs. Subir Chowdhury
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Coakley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eisenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Erjavac
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Farber
Ms. Teri L. Fenner
Drs. Mark and Lynn Frikker
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gallette
Major and Mrs. Alex Garn
Mr. Carl D. Gilmer-Hill, Esq.
Dr. and Mrs. Clayton Hill Gordon
Mr. Radhakrishnan Gurusamy
     and Ms. Genga Ramamoorthy
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Karmanos, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kasprzyk
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Kemper
Ms. Elizabeth J. Kuhn
Mr. John W. Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mascarenas
Mr. and Mrs. Rakesh Mehta
Mr. George E. Murphy
     and Ms. Susan M. Murphy
Mr. Jeffrey M. Nahan
     and Ms. Annette DePetris
Mr. and Mrs. James Ninowski, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Ohryn
Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Patil
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Penkala
Ms. Mindy Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rinke
Mrs. Judy Schwarzer
Mr. and Mrs. Glen P. Shilling
Mr. Seth Shilling
     and Dr. Christa Shilling
Mr. Randall Shoemaker
     and Dr. Anne M. Guyot
Mr. and Mrs. David Skolnik
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stanton
Mrs. Patricia Stempel
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Wagner
Mr. William B. Williams
     and Ms. Jacqueline A. DeCosmo
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Worpell

Life Builders

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Alexander
Mr. Heath and Mrs. Mindy Doerr
Ms. Jennifer Jackson
Ms. Anne Sandoval


Mr and Mrs. Daniel Cornwell
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Jonna
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Nicole London
Mr. and Mrs. Sean A Metrose
Mr. and Mrs. Don and Tracy Nystrom
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E Scott, Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Lars and Jessica Sjobring
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Van Cleave


Drs. John V. and Ami S. Antonucci
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ascher
Drs. Douglas and Karen Arenberg
Mr. Salam Chaudhary
  and Ms. Meredith Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Farah
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Gasper
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Han
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hanna
Dr. Celeste M. Watkins-Hayes
   and Mr. Rejji P. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kanarios
Mr. and Ms. Richard J. Keil
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Korotkin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mihalich
Dr. and Mrs. Vasilios Moutzouros
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mullany
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mylod, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Wassim Nona
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene O'Callaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Parambo
Mr. and Mrs. Huel Perkins
Dr. Mark Redman and
    and Ms. Rachel Ippel-Redman
Mr. and Mrs. James Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Derron Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Tally
Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Williams


Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Aaron
Ms. Janis N. Acosta
Ms. Elizabeth Adderley
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Appleby
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blumenstein
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Bono
Drs. Russell Craig
    and Kendal Gluck-Craig
Mr. and Mrs. James Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Delair Gardi
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Engle, II
Ms. Deb Herndon
Mr. Bruce Israel
  and Ms. Lisa Pernick
Dr. and Mrs. Prashant Kelkar
Mr. Laurence A. Price
   and Ms. Beverly Hannett-Price
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Holman
Ms. Sarah Howey
Mr. Andrew M. Jonna
Dr. and Mrs. Arash Kiarash
Dr. and Mrs. Duane Kreil
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Krushena
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Y. Kyriakoza
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Munn
Dr. Christa and Mr. Adam Norlander
Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Payne IV
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sadler
Drs. Michael Raphael
    and Kiran Saraiya
Drs. Snigdha and Srikar Reddy
Dr. Georgan L.
    and Mr. Darryl L. Redmond
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Sierra
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Julio Sosa
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Spizizen
Dr. Cynthia M.
   and Mr. Tushar V. Vakhariya
Mr. Sudhakar Varshney
   and Ms. Reshu Gupta
Dr. Jeremy Wolfe
   and Dr. Maria Woodward
Dr. and Mrs. Jamal Zarghami
Dr. Laura and Mr. Dan Zetu


Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Bearden
Mr. and Mrs. Julianne Bossert
Mr. Majdi Abulaban
  and Ms. Anita A. Cabell
Dr. Lana Gardi and Mr. Ahmed Alomari
Mr. and Mrs. Kaled Awada
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Binno
Mr. Stephen Calso
    and Ms. Sharon Li-Calso
Dr. and Mrs. William Cardasis
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Cassel
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Chayka
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Cheriyan
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Clapper
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Compo
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Cook
Ms. Megan Cyrulewski
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Elias
Mr. and Mrs. Nikolas Endrud
Dr. Mohamed s. Elnaggar
  and Ms. Nagla E. Elsayed
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk A. Erickson
Mrs. Pamela Fireberg
Drs. Kurt and Kristine Gerster
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Goodman
Mr. Curtis Groves and Ms. Xiaohui Qiu
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Haratsaris
Mr. Chaohui He
  and Ms. Fangyi Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Jason F. Jarjosa
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jenkins
Ms. Didi Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Klakulak
Mr. and Mrs. Felipe Kohn
Mr. Robert Lane
    and Ms. Lexa Leatherdale
Ms. Denise Liberty
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Marsden
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mayhew
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McKeenMr. and Mrs. David McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. Fadi K. Nassar
Ms. Madeline Pachla
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Pachla
Mr. and Mrs. John Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Kim John Quinn
Drs. John and Miriam Samani
Dr. and Mrs. Ali Saad
Ms. Kitt Sherrill
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua J. Slocum
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Suchara
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Tarver
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Upton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wachol
Mr. Junxiong Ye
   and Ms. Ning Zhang
Dr. Kun Zhong and Ms. Yu Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Zimmermann

Employee and Student

Mr. Brett I. Barr
Ms. Anjul Bhangu
Ms. Stacey Bowen
Ms. Mary Ann deVogel
Mr. Andrew Engle
Ms. Courtney Engle
Mr. Jared C. Freeman
Ms. Gianna Gallette
Mr. Peter Gallette II
Ms. Sophia Gallette
Mr. Harrison M. George
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Haines
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Harmer
Mr. and Mrs. James Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Kitchen
Mr. Aaron Kuehne
Mr. Jake London
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Leitao
Ms. Susan J. Lucas
Ms. Tina Mangalick
Mr. and Mrs. Jiro J. Masuda
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McDonald
Ms. Alaina McKeen
Mr. Becket McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. John Schwarz
Ms. Jenna Scott
Ms. Kira Singla


Mrs. Marcia Bearden
Mr. and Mrs. Alton C. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Suomela
Mr. and Mrs. Reese C. Zantop

Arts Faculty

Arts Faculty

Performing/Communication Arts

Madelyn Abraham L/S • Strings
Stacey Bowen M/U/S • Orchestra
  M/S • Performing Arts Department Chair
Jessica Bryer U/S • Theatre/PAC Staff
James Davis L/M/U • Executive Director of Visual,
Performing, &Communication Arts 
  U/S • Theatre - Production and Design
Roxana Han L/M/S • General Music & Choir
Phillip Harmer U/S • Theatre - Acting
Ruth Kay U/S • Pubilc Speaking, Debate, & Forensics
Chelsey Larson M/S • Speech and Theatre
Bonnie Mirbach L/S • Keyboard
Kelly Munsell M/U/S • Dance
Jonathan Napper L/M/S • Band
Alan Oliphant U/S • Band
Chris O'Meara U/S  • PAC Technical Director
Judy Pagryzinski L/S • General Music
Laura Ramaj M/S • Speech and Theatre
Brett Salamin U/S • Filmmaking and Theatre
Joanna Van Eizenga L/M/S • strings
Justin Velic U/S  • Percussion
Ronald R. Weiler II M/U/S • Vocal Music


Visual Arts

Nancy Jenkins L/S • Visual Arts
Sarah Kitchen M/S • Visual Arts Department Chair
  M/S • Visual Arts
Aaron Kuehne M/S • Visual Arts
Susan Lucas U/S • Photography, Computer Graphics,
& Mixed Media
Jiro Masuda U/S • Visual, Performing,
& Communication Arts Department Chair
  U/S • Jewelry/Metals & Art History
Kathleen Robinson U/S • Painting, Drawing, Textiles & Fashion Design
Melissa Parks L/S • Visual Arts
John Schwarz U/S • Ceramics & Sculpture

Board Members


Executive Board


Tracy Nystrom

Vice President

Mary Sadler


Maria Scott


Janine Rinke

Other Members

Art After Hours
Christine Sims
Julie Sosa
Art from the Heart
Nicole Cornwell
Angela Spencer
Celebrate the Arts
Michelle Solomon
Kishna Tarver
Julianne Bossert
Jessica Sjobring
Sue O'Callaghan
Sharon Li-Calso
Membership - Alumni & Past Parents
Talbot Payne
Special Events
Chrissy Krempel
Special Events - Alumni & Past Parents
Gail Van Cleave
LS Liaison
Dawn Batts
Selam Sanders
MS Liaison
Ami Antonucci
US Liaison
Jennifer Jackson
Past President
Michelle Gallette