DCDS students are prepared for life's challenges.

We make it our priority to maintain our excellent academic reputation, the uniquely inspired learning environments, and a vibrant diverse community so that our students are contributing members of society upon graduation. We also recognize that the financial contribution for a private, independent education is an important consideration. The following information will help families determine the full cost of investing in a Detroit Country Day School education for well-qualified students. 


Tuition and Other Costs

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Guided Tuition

The Guided Tuition Program is offered to all families to apply for reduced tuition, as opposed to applying for a “grant” or an “award.” The Guided Tuition level for each student is influenced by our charge, the needs of our families and the budget of the school. While all families may apply, priority is given to students entering the Upper and Middle Schools before considering Lower School applicants. The Guided Tuition Committee operates separately from the admission process and does not impact your child’s admission to the school. Visit the Guided Tuition page to learn more.