DCDS students are prepared for life's challenges.

We make it our priority to maintain our excellent academic reputation, the uniquely inspired learning environments, and a vibrant diverse community so that our student's are prepared to face adulthood upon graduation. We also recognize that the financial contribution for a private, independent education is an important consideration. The following information will help families determine the full cost of investing in a Detroit Country Day School education for well-qualified students.


Tuition and Other Costs


The rates below are for the 2019-2020 academic year.
Grade Levels Tuition
Preschool (3 & 4 yrs.) full day $20,525
Junior Kindergarten $20,525
Kindergarten - Grade 2 $24,220
Grades 3 - 4 $25,660
Grades 5 - 8 $29,850
Grades 9 - 12 $32,200
*Tuition deposit of $1,500
Plans & Programs Fees for 2019 - 2020
Tuition Payment Plan Payment plan fee based on number of installments:
  • 1 installment: no fee
  • 2 installments: $230 before 8/1/19. $280 after 8/1/19.
  • 10 installments: $310 before 8/1/19. $360 after 8/1/19.
Tuition Refund Insurance Plan Available through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc.
Based on tuition amount detailed on enrollment contract
Guided Tuition Program See Guided Tuition page and link to application. See FAQ page.

Admission Costs

Item and Amount
Admission Application $50
Middle and Upper School Admission Testing $100 - $130
Contact for more information
Jennifer Bullock (JBullock@dcds.edu) - Lower School Director
Michael Jenkins (MJenkins@dcds.edu) - Middle School Director
Tim Bearden (TBearden@dcds.edu) - Upper School Director
Michele Reimer (MReimer@dcds.edu) - Admissions and Enrollment Manager

Additional Costs

Item and contact Amount

Lands' End or www.landsend.com/school

$200-500 (approximately)
Initial year purchase

Books/Supplies: Elementary grades


$250/year (approximately)

Books/Supplies: Middle and Upper Schools

$500/year (approximately) Varies based on course requirements and new/used book availability
Grades 3,4, 5 & 6
Current students will be charged a $50 tech fee
Grades 5 & 6
New students will be required to pay a $200 fee to purchase a Chromebook. At the end of 6th grade, the device is the student's to keep and can be used 7th grade for the Bring Your Device program.
Grades 7-12
Students should bring their own device to school. Students who want to continue using the Chromebook from 5th and 6th grades can continue to use it in 7th and 8th grades.
See more information regarding our IT support and computer technology required.

Laptops: $1,600 (varies depending on model) 

More information on the technology page

Athletic Fees/Uniforms
Varies based on participation and sport
Field Trips
Contact individual schools for more information

Parents' Association Fees
Lower and Middle Schools $20
Upper Schools $25
Optional Services  
Trudy Jones
Transportation Supervisor
Varies based on type of service and proximity to school
Service: bus stop vs door to door
View details, routes & fees
Register for transportation
Summer Programs
View page
Additional costs will be reflected on monthly billing statements. This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

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Guided Tuition

The Guided Tuition Program allows families to apply for a reduced tuition, as opposed to applying for a “grant” or an “award.” The Guided Tuition level for each student is guided by our charge, the needs of our families and the budget of the school. The Guided Tuition Committee operates separately from the admission process and does not impact your child’s admission to the school. Visit the Guided Tuition page to learn more.