Lower School

PK 3 - Grade 3

As a top Michigan private preschool and elementary school, the Detroit Country Day Lower School program fosters the social and emotional growth of children in preschool through Grade 3 in an environment that intertwines academics and enrichment activities. We emphasize a developmental approach to learning that encourages students to make discoveries on their own and allows teachers to tailor instruction to each child’s needs. Academic learning is enhanced by assemblies, community visitors, field trips, project work, guided play and hands-on learning experiences. Our dedicated faculty give students the confidence to master basic skills and progress to higher levels of learning. An integrated curriculum using our EPIIC (experiential, participatory, image-rich, interdisciplinary, and connected) approach helps students understand relationships between disciplines and apply what they have learned in new situations.

Class Specialization

reading and math groups

Kindergarten through Grade 3 students are placed into individualized reading and math levels to receive personalized attention. Each grade has five levels.


Specialized areas for project-Based learning

Our school has a Tinker Lab, a Wet Lab, and a Makerspace for ingenuity, problem solving, and creativity to flourish.

Character Houses

Houses of character 

Our House Program augments the school community and focuses on character building exercises for responsibility, empathy, integrity, loyalty, and respect. 

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We want to make sure that we are constantly tapping into the abilities of the children and their interests and then we build from there.
~ Jennifer Bullock, Lower School Director

Curriculum Profile

Academic Curriculum

Classroom teachers teach math, reading, and social studies. Other topics are taught by teachers who specialize in that subject area.

Lower School PE

Specialty Curriculum

Students receive focused instruction in the areas of music, physical education, arts, and specialty science courses by faculty who specialize in the field.

Curriculum Extras and Support

Curricular support and learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Two girls programming a motorized robot

Curriculum guide

Updated 2.2020

sample Lunch menu

Due to COVID guidelines, lunch selections are limited and are being prepared and delivered to classrooms. Students pre-select dietary options ahead of time.

The goals of the Lower School are to develop:

  • A well-rounded child with an enthusiasm for learning to their best ability
  • Self-esteem and self-respect
  • Mutual respect and appreciation of others
  • Social, physical, and intellectual awareness
  • A mentally resourceful child who demonstrates the physical confidence and skills to make the successful transition into any competitive sport or dance program
  • An awareness of health and safety principles
  • A confident child with a sense of independence, accountability, and leadership abilities in the pre-adolescent child
  • An appreciation of social responsibility and self-discipline
  • A well-adjusted child through programs for intellectual, social, psychological, and physical growth