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The Global Initiatives Program is made up of three components: the International Baccalaureate Program (IB), the DCDS Global Scholars Program, and the DCDS Global Communities Program. The IB and Global Scholars Programs are two-year curriculum based programs offered to juniors and seniors, whereas the Global Communities Program is open to all students, grades 9 - 12. Regardless of which component(s) students choose to pursue, they have the opportunity to study and view the world more globally, be it through world languages, literature, science, history, math, or the arts.  

The purpose of the Global Initiatives Program is to provide opportunities for students to have a unique educational experience.  DCDS strives to do this by encouraging students to learn by experience and by helping them look at the world in a broader context.  They will become more active, more informed, and more empathetic learners and members of our global community.  They will reach beyond the classroom to learn, engage, and create at a more comprehensive and global level.

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Each tab below gives links to the general information on each element of the DCDS Global Initiatives program. Contact Dr. Julie Burns-Ross at for more information.

DCDS Global Programs

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Upper School Speaker Series

The purpose of the Global Initiatives Speaker Series is to provide students with an opportunity to become competent global citizens who can examine, understand, and appreciate perspectives and other world views.  The purpose of developing these skills is to help students engage appropriately and effectively in interactions with people of different cultures. Ultimately, the hope is that they will become more active in supporting the collective well-being and sustainable development of the environment and people worldwide.

All of the guests in the Speaker Series have diverse backgrounds, careers, and perspectives on current global issues. Listening critically to these various views encourages students to think, discuss, research, and more broadly consider all the facets of an issue before developing their personal mindset.  

  • Viet Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize winning author
  • Christo Brand (South Africa), former warder for Nelson Mandela and author
  • Thomas Sparrow (Germany), political correspondent for the German news channel Deutsche Welle

Experiential moments!

Oh...the places you'll go*...the people you'll meet...the things you'll see!

They're endless if you open your eyes and your heart!

*inspired by Oh, the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss

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