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Strong in math, music, & lacrosse. Even stronger in character. It's more than what I achieve. It's who I become

Academics At DCDS

An amplified educational experience.
A good education should demand engagement beyond what can be delivered solely by lecturing or writing on a whiteboard. At DCDS, the goal is not to try to keep pace with technology or globalization of the world's thinking and economy, but instead, the focus is to place students ahead of that growth by giving them the ability to face unfamiliar problems and creatively find solutions. To apply that which they know, to build frameworks for results, and to be the innovators that others chase.
Through our time-tested, comprehensive experience at DCDS, your child will unlock the best version of themselves. Our curricular programs reach beyond rigorous academics to also accomplish mastery in athletics and arts. Our dedicated faculty commit to helping students mindfully explore their passions and aspirations.