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Every Talent Strength & Skill Discovered It's more than what I achieve. It's who I become.

About Detroit Country Day School

Detroit Country Day School provides an immersive experience in challenging, innovative learning environments. Our comprehensive approach of combining academics, arts, and athletics, maximizes our students’ opportunities for self-discovery and growth, while cultivating a deep dedication to hard work, no matter the pursuit.
This combined culture of meaningful connection, engagement, and mutual respect strengthens a collective desire for impact and results, not only at the individual level, but as a vibrant, diverse community with resolve, spirit, talent, and intellect. Our students are compelled to positively shape the future, and our community, in countless ways.
The shared love of challenge and the camaraderie that working together brings, teaches our students the importance of cooperation, and that connecting with others is what makes achievement truly possible.
Students at DCDS know that education is much more than what they can accomplish - it’s about the person they want to become. Here, they achieve much more than excellence in academics, athletics, and arts. They achieve true excellence of self.

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano - A Sound Mind in a Sound Body - a motto to guide us.

For over 100 years, our heads of School, faculty and trustees have built a school community in which each student receives a well-rounded, progressive and compassionate education. Through meaningful lessons, our students grow into conscientious leaders, creative problem-solvers and culturally aware citizens who connect to their school, local and global communities. Our educational traditions, along with our continuing innovation in teaching and learning practices, benefit and provide a multitude of opportunities for our students. Our diverse and forward-thinking alumni are evidence of this success. All of these elements come together to keep Detroit Country Day School at the forefront of education in the 21st century.

Detroit Country Day School develops citizens and leaders of the world in a culturally diverse environment of academic rigor, competitive athletics, and artistic expression, built on a foundation of service and character.

DEI Statement
Detroit Country Day School believes diversity, equity, and inclusion are educational imperatives for the intellectual, social, and moral growth of every child. We honor the dignity of every human being and value the differences that exist and are expressed throughout our vibrant school. Members of our community are treated fairly and provided access to genuine opportunities to thrive. Our commitment is to nurturing an inclusive environment in which all students can participate fully and have a sense of belonging. Diversity, equity, and inclusion enrich learning and are essential characteristics of our school community.
Portrait of Mr. Shaw and Ferry Street house

F. Alden Shaw

Founder and First Head of school

On a ship back from Paris where he attended Haute de E'cole, Mr. Shaw recalls an acquaintance raving about the wondrous opportunities in a blossoming American city of Detroit, Michigan. He decided this is where he would begin his dream of founding a school.

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